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Governing Body

Shanti Sudha Charitable Trust

Shanti Sudha Charitable Trust is running the St. Xavier’s High School, Howrah since its inception. The objectives of the Shanti Sudha Charitable Trust (est.2018) are to advance the education and well-being of the pupils, their families and the wider community. We seek to provide support and assist in the provision and specialist equipment across all campuses to enhance learning and well-being.

The Charitable Trust Committee meets at least once every term and holds the AGM. The Committee considers the fundraising and donations received and reports on balances of account and agreed purchases made on behalf of the Trust.

We aim to provide a center of excellence in which individuals are valued and encouraged to give of their best.

At Linwood we believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. We strive to build and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and dialogue in which the needs of the children are paramount. Our aims for all our pupils are:

For all individuals to aspire to achieving their full potential and be the very best they can.

To adopt a child/young person-centered approach to learning and development.

To provide a safe, secure, friendly, welcoming and supportive environment

To encourage all individuals to make the right choices

To promote a caring and happy community in which all pupils can thrive and feel valued and to meet our pupils’ academic, physical, emotional and social needs

Through a motivating, accessible curriculum makes learning a pleasurable experience and offering an opportunity for all pupils to develop as high a standard of achievement as individually possible and to equip them with the basic skills

To promote a fully inclusive, total communication environment

To assist pupils to develop a level of maturity, independence, individuality, self-confidence and self-esteem

To assist pupils to leave school prepared for further education/training, employment, leisure and lifelong learning

To assist pupils to lead as independent life as possible, to integrate socially and develop young people as good citizens

To foster a positive school/home partnership


Designation Name Occupation
Chairman Suvendu Chatterjee Educationist
Secretary Gargi Chatterjee Educationist
Joint Secretary Sanchayan Chatterjee Architect
Member Sayantan Chatterjee Social Worker
Member Moynee Mukherjee Teacher
Member Prosenjit Neogy Educationist

Managing Committee

Name Designation Occupation Tenure
Sanchayan Chatterjee Manager Architect 3 years
Prosenjit Neogy Member Educationist 3 years
Anirban Ghosh Principal / Member Secretary Administration Till the position of Principal is held
Amrita Sharma Vice Principal Administration 31st March, 2021
Sanchari Ganguly Teachers’ Representative Teacher 31st March, 2021
Alisha Kawatia Teachers’ Representative Teacher 31st March, 2021
Shilpi Bhattacharya Parent’s Representative Teacher 31st March, 2021
P.K Marick Parent's Representative Business 31st March, 2021
Moynee Mukherjee Other School Teacher Teacher 31st March, 2021
Sudipto Sur Other School Teacher Teacher 31st March, 2021

Admission open from Nursery to IX