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Mrs. Sanchari Ganguly

With noticeable sense of duty and responsibility, she is ever-ready to guide the secondary teachers to choose their correct way of imparting education. She manages to fulfill all the responsibilities conferred upon her with light-hearted spirit. Although of a friendly nature, she does not ever compromise on the quality of knowledge to be rendered to the students.

Ms. Smritikana Ghosh

She is known for her systematic mode of imparting education. She is strict on disciplinary grounds but is always approachable in nature. She looks forward to develop the academic performance as well as personal behaviour of the students.

Ms. Pallabi Das

She is known for her straightforward approach towards life. Being honest, helpful and hardworking, she constantly strives to cultivate her passion for teaching.

Ms. Subhra Mondal

Known for her simplicity, she is a genuine hardworking lady. She endeavours to provide her best to the institution. Most importantly, she has a constant urge to learn new things and share the same with her students.

Mrs. Anindita Ojha

With an optimistic outlook towards life, she is ardent enough to face challenges. Her unparalled urge to learn as well as teach new thing to students, is beneficial to the development of the student-teacher relationship.

Mrs. Rimi Ghosh Adhikary

She is a hardworking lady who believes that calmness and patience is the key to success. She teaches her students to be self-dependent and unafraid like herself, and to blaze their own trail, no matter what others think.

Mrs. Runa Banerjee

She is motivating and can handle any situations positively. She takes keen interest in dancing and cultural activities. She is honest and punctual.

Mrs. Sinjana Chakraborty

She is an energetic lady, who is always ready to accept challenges. She teaches her students to be bold enough to face tough situations. She never believes in giving up but assures that honest hard work is the primary aspect for success.

Mrs. Alisha Kawatia

She is an energetic lady who likes accepting challenges. She has the ability to instill positivity into her students so that they too can face new challenges. She is a cheerful teacher who knows how to make the class lively with her teaching.

Ms. Smriti Das

She is punctual, honest, responsible and polite. She always motivates and encourages her students. Having a positive attitude towards life, she can act wisely in every situation.

Ms. Soumita Das

She is bold, energetic, active and confident. She is very innovative andinteractive in class. Works well in team and passionate about her work.

Mrs. Moumi Chatterjee

She is sincere and dedicated towards her work. She carries her responsibilities with great effort. She explores new ways and ideas to communicate with the students.

Mrs. Debanjana Chatterjee

She is optimistic and friendly in nature, always willing to learn and uses new and innovative methodology in her teaching. She is kind, humble and loved by the children.

Mrs. Deepika Gupta

She is energetic and friendly. She accepts responsibilities and has eagerness in learning. She is punctual and diligent towards her work.

Ms. Puja Rao

She can tackle and coordinate students and parents in every situation. She is efficient in her work. Her happy face encourages students to enjoy their day at school.

Mrs. Anindita Maji

She is active and full of energy. She makes sure that all students actively take part in their physical education. She encourages the students to be sportive and participate with full enthusiasm in all activities.

Ms. Ishita Ghosh

She is punctual, polite and hardworking. She is ready to accept new challenges with positivity. She has an urge to learn and explore.

Mrs. Jayashree Mondal

She is positive and always ready to learn. She is energetic and readily imparts her innovative ideas to the students. Accepts challenges/With a brave heart.

Ms. Chandana Mukherjee

She is an honest person by heart. Passionate in the areas of creativity, she has an amazing skill of instilling her knowledge into the students. She is capable of handling impatient students, patiently.

Ms. Sweta Diwaan

A lady of steadiness, she is known for her passion for teaching. She attracts the students’ attention not by loud rendering of her lectures, but by the use of her calm but strict personality.

Ms. Purbasha Maity

Having a good hold on her subject, she is applauded for her class management skills. She knows the students’ area of interest and delivers her knowledge accordingly.

Mrs. Saptamita Ghoshal

An impressively hard-working lady like her needs no new introduction. She has a good hold on her subject and is experienced enough to teach the students according to their intelligence level.

Ms. Shoba Kumari

A lady with extraordinary literary skills, she is a distinguished teacher who enriches the students with her improved knowledge.

Mrs. Sahar Shahin

She is punctual and hard-working lady, who knows her work well. She deserves to be applauded for her perfection in her work.

Admission open from Nursery to VIII