Why Purple Turtle is unique

Fun activities built into the curriculum-children LEARN THROUGH FUN.

Lots of speaking activities in classroom and on stage.A strong parent teacher committee. Regular updates through a robust Learning Management System. Focus on children’s pronunciation through phonics. Infrastructure with different areas marked for different skill areas-Language,Cognitive,Socio-emotional and Psycho-motor(Gross and Fine Motor Skills).

Playing and swing areas and a splash pool. Qualified, smart teachers who are regularly trained and updated with ready-made curriculum lesson plans and worksheets. Smart-classes and language lab to ensure best audio-video inputs.


Purple turtle has been conceptualised by a group of visionaries, who form the management board of the esteemed St Xavier’s group of school. The members of the board are renowned educationist themselves. It is due to his deep passion, brilliant vision and a structured approach that the group has been able to achieve a whopping number of 54 schools, which are all successfully running across 7 states across India. Education they believed is not confined to textbooks to make student simply crammers, but it should out bring out the best from every child. Education needs to provide the life skills to make the children leaders and not followers. Never in life should a teacher experience failure, in transforming a dull one into an intellect incarnate. The member of the board have widely travelled through schools across the world and have hence envisaged spreading world class education in the country with schools with a difference. However education is incomplete if the same vision is not followed in the formative year. ‘Purple Turtle” is the outcome of this thought process. With Purple Turtle, their mission is to bring into the education realm, a chain of preschool which is unique and child-centric. The parents can look forward to sending their child to a preschool which is modern yet value based, technologically very advanced and with a unique and well researched curriculum.

About Purple Turtle

India’s leading pre-school programme which works on all the skills of the children simultaneously to produce all-rounder children. The different hues indicate different skills being developed among the children.



To teach the children not just to study but to learn through play, inquiry and acquire 21st century skills.


To make our children empathetic, strong willed yet grounded


To inculcate a positive and willing attitude among the Purple Turtians!

The Purple Turtle Curriculum

The school has a well defined curriculum based on the Harvard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, hence the teaching and evaluation of the children are completely based on the individual learning styles without comparing one child with another in any area. We do not follow the age-old rigid syllabus wherein as soon a child enters the pre-school, he/she is handed a pencil and made to write pages and pages, without a thought on what is being understood. At Purple Turtle, we understand the developmental milestones, i.e. the expected stages the children need to go through and hence our lesson plans are based totally on those; starting the writing process with air and sand writing and the speaking/reading process with Phonics. Children are explained concepts with hands-on experiences and a lot of visual and audio inputs. The language teaching through phonics ensures that the pronunciation and listening skills are given adequate practice everyday.

There are other activities like dance, music, martial arts, yoga and age-appropriate games which ensure an all-round development of the children.

Ensuring the delivery of our curriculum

Trained & Smart Purple Turtle Team

The trained & smart Purple Turtle team is trained on Phonics & skill based teaching and provided with daily lesson plans so that there is uniformity in all our centres and no ambiguity. The Purple Turtle facilitators, trained at the Tree Room will handle the children with love and care. The centres will be places of joy & fun where learning will happen through play!

The Tree Room

The Tree Room will be the training room for the faculty.

We have ensured that we take on board faculty which is warm, positive and trained. The Tree Room will be the training room for the faculty to ensure that the team is updated on the current teaching styles and are totally trained on Phonics and skill-based teaching.

Our Programme

Baby Turtle

Our Play Group for children between 2 to 3 years

Chirpy Turtle

The Nursery Section - for children between 3 to 4 years

Smiley Turtle

Kindergarten - 2 section for children between 5 to 6 years

Peppy Turtle

Kindergarten - 1 section for children between 4 to 5 years.

Creative Turtle

Fine Motor Area with lots of colours, paints easles

Savvy Turtle

Social activity Room with a stage and role play equipment

Language Smart Turtle

Reading corner(Library) and sitting area – Phonics followed here

Brain Smart Turtle

With puzzles and abacus

I to III

Montessori standards introduced into the schools take children from two & half years of their age after pre schooling of CDC till they attain five & half years of age. During this period they cover three classes from Mont. I to III. Play way method is used for teaching children of this category.

Forty percent stress is laid on academic management and sixty percent of the total curriculum is earmarked for different activities to generate learning excitement is in beginners.

Std. I to IV

During the primary level of education children have to use more of their brain and get an environment to communicate in English . Academic and non-academic activities in this section go at equal proportions.

Std. V to VIII

Besides reading, writing, pronunciation and vocabulary, in-depth care is taken to make the children learn behaviour, manners etiquette and discipline. Seventy percent stress is laid on academic curriculum, where-as thirty percent emphasis is given to different other activities.

Std. IX to X

With reduction in activities as far as possible, adequate care is taken for building up good academic career without of-course neglecting physical education. Linguistic development with particular reference to English is planned by adopting various devices like orientation in grammar, vocabulary, usages and composition. Hundred percent attention is focussed on Academic Curriculam, so as to ensure the Students the best possible career.

Higher Secondary Level (Std. XI to XII)

Students during this period are made to be equipped with self confidence, so that they can choose a good befitting career for themselves and become credit not only to themselves but also to the school, to their families and to the nation as a whole. Discipline is emphasized from the very beginning and mock parliaments are held at regular intervals to develop the same.

Admission open from Nursery to IX & XI