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The Chairman of The St. Xavier’s Group, Dr. G.S Patnaik holds the office as the Managing Director. Being an acclaimed educationist of national repute, a caring benefactor and an able captain, he has been most successfully steering the Xaverianship and exploring all possibilities to spread education countrywide. Education to him , is not confined to text books to make the student simply a crammer but it possesses a wider scope to bring out one’s inner talents to good exposure and develop the skill and courage to stand up for oneself against all future eventualities. He is the inspiration behind the Xavier’s Group.

Mr. PS Mohanty

Mr. PS Mohanty is one of the stalwarts of St. Xavier's High School Group. He is an Educationist with excellence at par. His administrative acumen is the pillar on which the Xavier's Group stands. He has not only been an inspiration but also a guiding star for the Group.

Our preamble

Literacy in the present day scenario plays a vital role in determining the standard of civilization of a particular country. Universal literacy is, therefore, the goal of every nation. Considering the importance of English, the accepted global motion and to keep pace with any other advanced countries of the world, the St. Xavier’s Group of Schools evolves its policies to stress on high Standard English literacy which pave the way to brilliant academic success. With this end in view, the group endeavors to open schools in each and every district of the country so as to impart high quality education through English medium.

In order to give education a wide coverage and to make it reach the youngsters at their earliest possible age, steps are taken to open Child Development Centers which would help in pre schooling and make children psychologically adapted to the process of learning through a novel technique of playful methods. With the rapid growth of population and consequent trend towards productive education, there is need for opening schools in a massive scale and run them effectively. According to statistical reviews, opening at least one school each day in the country cannot even suffice to meet the growing need. As such, the Xavier’s Group feels proud of contributing its mite towards the fulfillment of this national need.


The emblem symbolizes that Education shall be given universal coverage and reach one and all irrespective of caste, creed, color, language and place of birth (under the ideological influence of the reverend patron St. Francis Xavier).It further symbolizes provision of adequate opportunity to the learners to climb the ladder of success and reach the ultimate goal of life.

The circle of learning shall come a full round and help the learner bloom into full-fledged personality.


The St. Xavier’s Group has an ideal hierarchical system with the Managing Director at the apex and Board of Directors to deal with (i) Personnel & Administration (ii) Finance and (iii) Academics.

The whole of the hierarchy is governed by the St. Xavier’s Education and Charitable Trust , a trust constituted and registered under the Trust Registration Act to function as a decision making body and the decisions so taken are implemented and executed by the Group. The trust establishes link with different other Trust set up in different localities of different States. to run the component units of the Group, i.e. St. Xavier’s High schools under them.


We believe in the philosophy of embarking on the mission to enlighten young minds with deliberate and systematic education, inculcate into them the spirit of human as well as social values and spiritual development in a harmonious manner, so that they can confidently and with all boldness face their practical lives to gain unthinkable success and prove themselves to be assets to the nation and to the humanity as a whole.

Our School
West Bengal
St. Xavier’s High School at Howrah under Santi Sudha
Charitable Trust
Mashils Pachim Para, New Kolorah
Beside of Marigold City, Howrah 711302

St. Xavier’s across the Nation:

St. Xavier’s High School (ICSE & ISC)
Gallery No. 2 & 3, Barabati Stadium,
Ph. : 0671-2302215, 889561717
E-mail : sxhs_barbatictc@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier's High School
Near Apex Diagnostic Centre, Jobra Road, College Square, Cuttack-753003, Odisha
Ph. : 8908491915,9439447200
E-mail : sxhscollegesquare@gmail.com

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Mahima Nagar, Potta Pokhari, Naya Bazar, Cuttack - 753004 (Odisha)
Ph. : 0671-244695, 2445951, 2446951
E-mail : sxhs_nayabazar@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Xavier's Enclave, Meenakshi Nagar, Berhampur, Ganjam (Odisha), Pin - 76004
Ph. : 0680-6451063,9238144520
E-mail : sxhs_meenakshibam@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School (CBSE)
Vyapar Vihar Marg, Bilaspur - 495001 (CG)
Ph. : 07752 - 413718, 420856, 411035
E-mail : shsxbsp@yahoo.com

City Montessori (Unit of St. Xavier’s High School)
Siddharth Nagar 2nd Line, Near Employment Office
Berhampur, Ganjam (Odisha), Pin - 760004
Ph. : 9338828715, 9861134313

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Vijaya Nagaram, Andhra Pradesh
Ph. : 09407740125

St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School (CBSE)
Bharni, Amar Kantak Road, Dist : Bilaspur (Chattishgarh)
Ph. : 07752-217712

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Kantabanji, Balangir (Odisha)
Ph.: 06657-220782,9437916457
E-mail: sxhs_kantabanji@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School
CCI Township, Akaltara
Dist : Jangir - Champa (Chattishgarh)
Ph. : 07817-252732

St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School (CBSE)
Opp. Incom Tax Office, Ambapua, Berhampur (Orissa), Ganjam (Odisha), Pin - 760010
Phone : 0680 - 3290428, 6450464/62
E-mail: sxhs_ambapuabam@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Main Road, Bhanjanagar, Ganjam (Odisha) Pin - 76004
Phone : 09861685429
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St. Xavier’s High School (ICSE)
Chandini Chowk, Saheed Park Road, Jagdalpur, (Chhattisgarh)
Phone : 07782 - 223340, 231166
E-mail: sxhs_jagdalpur@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Plot No. 455/4791, Patia, Bhubaneswar-31 (Odisha)
Ph. : 0674-2116868, 8895613709, 8895613712

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Plot No.450,Patia,Bhubaneswar-31 (College)
Ph. : 8895613710
E-mail: stxaviershighschool24@gmail.com

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Gallery no.4 & 5, Barabati stadium,Cuttack-1
Ph. : 0671-2303578,2304678
E-mail: sxhs_barabaticbse@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
New Colony,Raygada
Ph. : 06856-223536
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St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Harekrushna Pur,Puri
Ph. : 06752-211416,9439964622
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St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Laxmi Nagar,Near Stadium Ground,Jajpur Road.
Ph. : 06726-325322
E-mail : sxhs_jajpur@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
opp.Sevadasannapeta, Babameta Road, Vizianagaram
Ph. : 08922-272755,08341083215
E-mail :sxhs_vizianagaram@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Near Town Hall, Jagatsinghpur (Odisha)
Phone : 06724-223075
E-mail: sxhs_jagatsinghpur@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (ICSE)
Rama Ballav Road, (VIP Road)
Dist : Puri (Odisha)
Ph. : 06752-224416,9438672956
E-mail : sxhs_puri@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Patrapara, Sunahat,
Dist : Balasore (Odisha)
Phone : 09337604576

St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary High School (CBSE)
Laxmi Nagar, Near Stadium Ground, Jajpur Road. Dist : Jajpur (Odisha), Ph. : 06726 - 325322
Phone : 06726 - 221322, 222722, 9937025322

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
New Colony, Rayagada (Odisha)
Ph. : 06856-223536

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Durgapur, Satar Road, Deoghar, Jharkhand - 814112
Ph. : 06432 - 240377, 09234105000

St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary High School (CBSE)
Laxmi Nagar, Near Stadium Ground, Jajpur Road.
Dist : Jajpur (Odisha),
Phone : 06726 - 221322, 222722, 9937025322

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Near Telephone Bhawan,
Dist : Keonjhar - 758 001 (Odisha)
Phone : 09437395831
E-mail: sxhs_keonjhar@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Damodarpur, (Near Engineering College)
Dist : Bankura (West Bengal),
Ph. : 03242 - 315228

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Sarvodaya Road, (Near Gundicha Temple)
Dist : Puri (Odisha), Ph.: 06752-227716,9438747277
E-mail: sxhs_puri@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Jawahar Chawk, Jalaram Complex, Gandhi Mandir Road, Dhenkanal (Odisha),
Ph. : 06762-224768,223645
E-mail: sxhs_dhenkanal@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
University Campus, Jyoti Vihar, Burla, Sambalpur
Ph. : 9437302095, 9337604576,8895613710, 9438001973
E-mail: sxhs_burla@stxavierschools.org

Jai Hind Montessori School
Riverside Colony, Hindalco, Hirakud, Sambalpur, Odisha
Ph. : 8895613708, 9337450149, 9861096754
E-mail: sxhs_hirakud@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Ph. : 06764-236422,9937200275
E-mail: sxhs.angul@gmail.com

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Mungeli, Dist : Mungeli, Chattishgarh
Ph. : 09424168845

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
DNK war, Dist : Kondagaon, Chattishgarh
Ph. : 09407399185

St. Xavier’s High School (ICSE)
Gandhi Sthala,Patapola, Chandipur Road, Balasore
Ph.: 06782-327721,250157
E-mail: sxhs_balasore@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Markam Complex, Forest Colony, Kondagaon (CG)
Ph.: 07786-243163, 8878276554, 9437946634
E-mail: sxhs_kondagaon@stxavierschools.org

St. Xavier’s High School (CBSE)
Plot No.-54, N-13, Himayat Baugh, CIDCO, New Aurangabad-431001 (M.S)
Ph.: 07786-243163, 8878276554, 9437946634
E-mail: sxhs_aurangabad@stxavierschools.org

Krishnamurty World School
Krishnamurty World School, Jaripada Near Pratap Nagri, Cuttack - 753011
Ph.: 9438556301, 9348128611
Email: krishnamurtyworldschool@gmail.com

Admission open from Nursery to IX & XI